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When physical symptoms have no identifiable organic causes

Somatoform disorders are complex mental illnesses in which physical symptoms occur but for which no sufficient organic causes can be found. In our private practice in Frankfurt, we recognise that somatoform disorders can take many different forms. They can manifest themselves in the form of pain, neurological problems, gastrointestinal symptoms and other physical impairments. These disorders all have one thing in common: they show us the close connection between mind and body, and how psychological factors can have a significant influence on physical health.

The diagnosis and treatment of somatoform disorders require an empathetic and holistic approach. In a trusting environment, we take the time to understand your individual life story, stress triggers, and personal burdens. Our aim is to work with you to develop a tailored therapy plan that not only includes treatment to alleviate physical symptoms but also targets the causes on a psychological level. The therapy options range from depth psychology-based psychotherapy with targeted psychotherapeutic interventions to integrative treatment centred on close collaboration between psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical specialists. Our focus has always been to improve the quality of life of our patients in the long term and provide them with the help they need to constructively deal with their psychological challenges.


Somatoform disorders are treatable. Our experienced team of medical specialists and therapists specialise in identifying the underlying psychological factors that contribute to your symptoms. 


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