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Depth psychology therapies - deciphering hidden patterns of the psyche

Depth psychology assumes that many of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours are influenced by deep-rooted, unconscious forces. This branch of psychology is characterised by the fact that it goes far beyond superficial observations and focuses on exploring the deepest layers of the human mind.
A central approach of depth psychology is the emphasis on the unconscious as the key to understanding our inner world. Through empathetic dialogue, the treatment attempts to uncover hidden patterns and dynamics. Dreams are not just seen as random events, but as keys that can unlock insights into hidden conflicts and unresolved issues in our mind.
MindVisions specialises in depth psychological therapies. Our depth psychological work spans various aspects of human life, be it in relationships, professional challenges or personal crises. "We believe that accessing the depths of one's own soul can have a lasting impact on well-being and personal development," says Dr Antonia v. Trotha, MD.

One feature of depth psychology, for example, is the recognition of resistance and defence mechanisms. These often serve to suppress unpleasant thoughts or emotions but can block the path to recovery. In addition, creative methods such as art therapy or imaginative techniques from catathymic imaginative psychotherapy can be used in depth psychology to facilitate access to unconscious thoughts. These methods can help to reach a non-verbal level and deepen the process of self-discovery.
Overall, depth psychology offers multi-layered approaches to personal development and overcoming life challenges. Our experienced depth psychologists specialise in supporting you in this process to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and promote positive change in your life.



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